Radiology and Imaging

Here at Buckeye Veterinary Clinic, we are equipped to take digital radiographs (x-rays) of your pet to aid in our diagnoses of various problems. The veterinary technical staff members are trained in proper positioning and techniques to provide our veterinary team with the best images for diagnostic evaluation. Radiographs can not only detect broken bones, but can also show changes in organs that could indicate masses, heart disease, obstructions, and other medical problems.

We also have the capability to take digital dental radiographs. These detect problems with teeth and bone that exist below the gum line and are out of normal visual evaluation.

Digital Dental Radiographcat digital dental radiograph

Above images: Top – Dog lower jaw (tooth with abcessed root) and Bottom – Cat upper jaw looking at canine tooth and sinuses

Radiographs can show subtle abnormalities therefore here at Buckeye we offer additional evaluation of radiographs by the Board Certified Veterinary Radiologist of VetRad. VetRad is a group which can further help our veterinary staff zero in on your pet’s problem.

Buckeye Veterinary Clinic also works with Heart to Heart Veterinary Cardiology Consultants run by Dr. Kirstin Boddy, a board certified veterinary cardiologist. Heart to Heart can be scheduled to come to Buckeye to evaluate your pet’s heart and determine what course of treatment is best.