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Here at Buckeye Veterinary Clinic we have an in-house pharmacy for your pet’s medical and nutritional needs. From antibiotics & pain medications to shampoos & conditioners and we are here for you and your pet’s needs.

We also offer online shopping with home delivery for over 1000 products from flea, tick and heartworm preventions to dietary needs!

Being sensitive to your pets needs, we can use an outside human pharmacy for some medical prescriptions, if the case warrants. These cases usually require several days’ notice and occasionally up to 1 week to have special items compounded for your pet.

We want to make sure all patients are given the proper veterinary approved medications and that is why our doctors may not be able to accommodate a request for a human drug equivalent. We also realize that finances can be a concern. Where approved for medical use, you can discuss with the veterinarian if this is a plausible option for your pet.

Please remember that your dog or cat IS NOT a small human and many human drugs are toxic or even deadly if administered to your pet so please call us before administering any medications that are not directly prescribed for your pet.

Client-Patient-Veterinary Relationships

There are laws that we must abide by regarding a client-patient-veterinary relationship. The brief summary is that a Veterinarian on staff here must have a current health evaluation of each patient that requires a prescription product. With some products this means an annual evaluation and with others this is twice a year. This applies to any medications that are not commercially available over the counter. For more information visit the AVMA page or visit this page for more information specific to Ohio.