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What To Expect


When you arrive at Buckeye Veterinary Clinic, please park in the front of our lot and enter through the blue grey doors. Please note the parking space on the north side of our lot is for handicapped access. If you need assistance in to the building please let us know when scheduling your appointment and we will have a staff member greet you and help you into our clinic.


Please check in with the customer service team as soon as you arrive. Our team will assist you and provide you with some paperwork to complete. You may fill out the following form ahead of time and bring it with you the day of your first visit with us.

Download New Client Form (PDF)

Reception Area

Please note for safety, dogs must be leashed, and cats must be in a carrier.

Our office hours are by appointment only and you may have a brief wait before a technical staff member greets you and your pet. Please enjoy our music or a cup of coffee until the technical staff arrives for you and your pet. Because we do occasionally need to work in other emergent cases we apologize if you have a longer than 5 minute wait. To provide our patients with the most comprehensive assessment, your pet will be weighted and escorted into one of our two exam rooms as soon as the rooms are cleaned and ready for your pet’s evaluation.

We encourage you to please let our reception staff know if you have been waiting more than 10 minutes after check-in.

We accept the following forms of payment:

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Care Credit

Restraint Policy

Please note for safety, dogs must be leashed, and cats must be in a carrier.

We are proud to be a low-stress and minimal handling facility, we understand animal body language and will work with you and your pet to have a favorable experience here at Buckeye. For our dogs we have a large open exam room and for our cats we have a small room with feline pheromones to help with relaxation. We know that some pets are protective of family members and we respect that. We will work with your pets’ unique needs to make the visit an enjoyable time here. We believe in complete wellness care and strive that each animal has a complete and comprehensive evaluation at each visit.

Our technical staff will start your visit off by asking some general core questions about lifestyle, diet, activity and medical history. After that information is gathered the doctor will come in and start the examination with the technical staff member and you the owner. From there a treatment plan will be created and presented to you for review, then the treatments will be performed. Finally the technical staff will escort you back to the reception area where the reception staff will finalize your visit and schedule any necessary recheck visits.